What Happens After Performing An Improper Asbestos Project

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Asbestos exposure is hazardous as it can increase the risk of severe illnesses like lung, colon, and digestive cancers. Therefore, following proper procedures and regulatory requirements, along with hiring competent contractors is essential when conducting renovations.

However, sometimes, in a rush and trying to save some money, property owners often don’t follow the existing environmental safety laws. Unfortunately, if you are caught performing an improper asbestos project, you will run into serious problems that will need to get remedied. GEO Environmental Co., Inc. can assist in evaluating your situation, qualifying contractors, and deciphering regulatory information to make sure your project gets done properly.

To provide you with the vital information you require to keep your project on track, GEO Environmental Co., Inc. has put together some helpful guidelines. By following these nuggets of knowledge, we’re sure you’ll keep your family safe and your project trouble-free. Read on to learn more about the process. 

What happens to my asbestos project? 

If a State Inspector finds inaccuracies, improper filings, licensing, notifications, certifications, or procedures being performed, they will typically issue a stop order for all work at the premises. A violation will also be given to the homeowner, contractor, or both. Depending on the severity, these fines typically start at $5,000 for each violation and can grow to tens of thousands easily. It will also stop your project dead in its tracks, as the delay can be months. 

Inspection Requested

A pre-renovation/ demolition asbestos inspection will be requested, as this should have been completed before the project commenced. It will involve having an asbestos inspector test all the materials involved in the scope of work. 

Contamination Assessment

In most cases, a contamination assessment follows where a certified asbestos inspector/ project designer will verify if and how far asbestos contamination has occurred by testing dust and air levels. 

Once the problematic area has been determined, a site-specific variance is written and submitted to NYS-DOL Engineering Department for approval. Your licensed asbestos contractor can then perform the cleanup. 

After the cleanup work/abatement is completed, visually inspected, and any required air testing is found to be acceptable, the project is officially deemed successfully completed. The stop work order can now be removed from your project so that your remaining renovation work can continue. 

Don’t Cut Corners

Not only is trying to circumvent the asbestos regulations costly and time-consuming, but you may also cause contamination to your home or expose members of your household to a known carcinogen. This is no time to cut corners!

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