Why You Shouldn’t DIY Asbestos Abatement, But If You Do, Know This.....

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Asbestos is a mineral that is found in two-thirds of the rocks in the earth’s crust. Its ability to withstand fierce heat and chemical attacks while being flexible enough to be spun and woven has led to its widespread use of asbestos in the construction and components industry. In spite of being the best insulator, research showed that it has carcinogenic properties and can be risky for human handling. A dangerous disease that humans can face due to asbestos is Mesothelioma. Hence to avoid any hazardous situations, it is wise to opt for an asbestos inspection and environmental consulting company. Disturbed asbestos can be very toxic. If one inhales asbestos, it can lead to breathing difficulties, hypertension, swelling in the neck, trouble swallowing, and other similar issues. Believing that you can DIY asbestos abatement is a risky endeavor, and why you should avoid doing that route. To assist in understanding these concerns and legal requirements, GEO Environmental Co., Inc has put together what you need to know if you decide to DIY. 

Exposure can lead to lung cancer, asbestosis, and other cancers.

Long-term exposure can lead to dreadful health conditions like lung cancer and asbestosis. In addition, professional companies like ours invest in specialized training and high-end equipment to assure accuracy and quality control. Misunderstanding requirements and proper protocols can cost you in various ways. These include fines, contamination, exposure, and legal problems! We have assisted many customers in correcting DIY projects. In New York State, NYS Asbestos regulations - 12NYCRR Part 56 states that the regulation part shall not apply to “owner-occupied single-family dwellings, where the owner performs the work.” This means exactly what it says. You must be the owner, not his best friend, or cousin, etc. You must be living there, not next door or visiting for the weekend. And you must do the work with your own two hands, not holding the ladder for your neighbor.

You cannot hire someone to assist, unless they are licensed and certified. Can you throw out the debris with your garbage? Legally you need to dispose of asbestos waste properly. Depending on the friability, it may need to be double-bagged and go to an EPA approved landfill. Do you need air testing or a final clearance visual inspection? Here it gets a little vague. While it does not specifically say to do this on a DIY project, a State inspector will typically request this to ensure that any person entering your home or property is not unknowingly exposed. Performing air testing and /or a visual clearance inspection by a third party is typically completed for liability concerns as well. So, if you need asbestos project air testing, an asbestos inspection, or project design, or have questions, call us at GEO Environmental Co., Inc

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