How GEO Environmental Co., Inc. Helped A Client With Mold Testing

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At GEO Environmental Co., Inc., we have over thirty years of experience conducting comprehensive environmental assessments, including duct leakage testing, asbestos project monitoring and design, lead paint inspections, and indoor air quality investigations.

We take pride in creating a safer and cleaner indoor living environment. We also like to inform clients to look outside the Box (House) and carry out easy fixes to avoid expensive problems down the road. Please keep reading to learn about how we helped a client with mold testing.

The Challenge: Rainwater from the downspout pooled

Rainwater from the downspout pooled at the foundation and crawl space area of our client's home. Therefore, moisture absorbed the porous block walls and affected the sheetrock and the wood floors. The adverse situation compromised the interior air quality. Remediation was necessary in the crawlspace below the living space as well as behind the walls and beneath the corner floor.

The Solution: Inspected the sanitized area

After removing the section of wood flooring and affected walls, a mold remediation contractor sanitized the remaining materials and sealed them with an anti-microbial coating.

It also required the gutter system to be extended far away from the foundation, and the crawl space had to be ventilated to allow for quicker drying. In addition, a sump pump was installed to remove water after storms. We then inspected and tested to verify mold amplification had ceased, and that the final repairs were completed satisfactorily.

The Bottom Line

Pooling of moisture at the foundation is one of the leading reasons mold issues occur inside the home, affecting the interior air quality. Therefore, to prevent this, we give clients the following advice:

Check your gutters, and if accessible, ensure they get extended as far away from the foundation as possible. If not accessible, ensure you have screens on your leaders to prevent leaves from clogging the system.

You should also pitch soil away from your foundation and plant vegetation along the house perimeter. In addition, any basement windows found below grade should have the opening covered with window well covers. Once you see moisture or discoloration in wet indoor building materials or surfaces, act quickly as the problem will likely only get worse. 

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