Employee Spotlight: Kenneth Arce

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Meet Kenneth Arce, NYS-DOL certified Asbestos Inspector, who provides pre-demolition and renovation information so that environmental hazards can be controlled. He is also a certified Project Monitor who will oversee asbestos projects to assure compliance with regulatory standards. Kenneth, AKA Ken, has been with GEO Environmental Co., Inc. for approximately twenty years!

It’s tough to put into words Ken’s importance, but the reason we’re featuring him on our blog this month is to showcase our appreciation for his efforts. Ken has quite the reputation amongst employees who know him as well as among our clients.

Ken has been a key player in customer satisfaction in his field operations position. His expertise in regulatory guidelines, industry standards, and accepted methodologies has helped us provide our clients with top-notch service. Making sure our clients understand the nuances of regulatory requirements and enforcing them with contractors is always a challenge.

Ken will always accommodate a client’s challenging project and work hours. He understands that some of our clients have very sensitive needs to get the space returned to full use and that some projects need to be expedited. Consequently, he discusses with our Project Designer the site-specific variations necessary to meet the requirements of these clients. His vast knowledge of experience makes his input invaluable.

Ken’s commitment and dedication are valuable to the team, and we absolutely love the integrity with which he works.

Just like Ken, at GEO Environmental Co., Inc., we take great pride in providing professional, dependable, high-quality services to residential and commercial clients without forgetting the importance of value and personal commitment.

Our service includes asbestos pre-demolition and pre-renovation inspections, infiltration blower door or duct leakage testing, asbestos air sampling and analysis, asbestos project monitoring, indoor air quality testing, asbestos project design, mold testing, radon testing, mold assessments, and work plans, and lead paint inspections.

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