How GEO Environmental Co., Inc. Helped A Client With Asbestos And Mold Testing

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At GEO Environmental Co., Inc., we specialize in conducting comprehensive environmental assessments, including mold, asbestos and radon testing, lead paint inspections, and infiltration blower duct leakage testing. Our inspection and testing services ensure that clients have accurate information to make their decisions, and more importantly, keep their families safe from a variety of harmful environmental exposures. 

Please keep reading to learn about how we helped a client with asbestos and mold testing.

The Challenge: Their apartment walls and ceiling were covered with mold.

While away for a few weeks, a tenant left a hot water tap running in the bathroom. Even though the tap was just trickling for those weeks, the steam created elevated humidity that absorbed into the plaster and sheetrock of the studio apartment. Mold amplification occurred and all surfaces were covered with mold growth. It was evident that remediation work was required. Per NYS law, the client needed an assessment which included a work plan and scope of work for the remediation contractor to follow. The design needed to keep the adjacent occupied spaces from becoming contaminated. 

The Solution: A quick comprehensive inspection

We tested surfaces to determine the type of mold present and the most affected areas. After meticulously carrying out moisture testing, we were able to identify all the affected surfaces that needed remediation.   

Thankfully, we found no asbestos in the affected materials. However, most wall, ceiling and flooring materials had to be removed. The remaining surfaces had to be HEPA cleaned, dried, sanitized and coated with anti-microbial sealants. The entire space was placed under negative pressure with HEPA filtration and workers accessed the space from an outside window airlock.

The Bottom Line

A work plan was expeditiously created for the property owner to provide to their restoration company which sped up the remediation work. Moreover, it helped them prevent the further spread of mold growth in the apartment and beyond.

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