Why You Shouldn’t DIY Environmental Testing

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Radon, asbestos, and lead are just a few harmful substances that are still found in old homes today that could quickly turn hazardous and create serious health issues. Other harmful substances include spores from mold and fungus that contaminate the air you breathe. To avoid the effects of inhaling or consuming these dangerous substances in your home, you must have it inspected before buying it. Similarly, if you live in a humid location, experience flooding or leakages, you must conduct regular environmental tests to check for mold and verify the quality of the air in your house.

Consequently, many homeowners believe that they can use mail-order kits to take samples and conduct tests independently. However, at GEO Environmental Co., Inc., we know from experience that quick DIY test analysis are not very accurate and have a large margin of error. Many have shown to exhibit false positives or false negatives. Sampling is best left to trained technicians and highly skilled laboratory personnel. Knowing what to do with the results is half the battle and this information will help clear up the problematic issues you are having. Not convinced? Then, please take a few minutes to learn why you shouldn’t DIY environmental testing.

1. Different licensing
Sampling protocols and analysis standards may differ from state to state. For example, analyzing floor tiles for asbestos in New York differs from Connecticut. Besides, if the discipline gets overseen by your state, they may have their own licensing and certification for different specialties. Keep in mind that asbestos, mold, and lead paint inspectors should all be licensed. In NYS, the Department of Labor authorizes certification for asbestos and mold professionals.

2. Contamination
If you insist on taking samples yourself, it could create contamination if not done correctly. Therefore, hiring a licensed inspector will allow for a proper chain of custody and assurance that sampling techniques are followed correctly. In addition, it will lead to the verification of certifiable tamper-free results.

3. Costly clean-ups
If samples are not collected correctly, you could end up with misleading results. Even worse, you could possibly contaminate your home, which could prove very costly to clean-up.

We are often called in to correct a contamination issue caused by DIYers. Unfortunately, it usually ends up being costly as strict state regulations exist for clean-up protocols.

4. No cost-effectiveness
While it may appear cost-effective to conduct testing yourself, it may not save you as much money as you think. Keep in mind that labs give volume discounts to consultants, and these savings typically get passed on to their clients. Also, some substances need multiple analyses due to the matrix of the materials. Therefore, the correct analysis methodology should be used to save you time and money.

Do things right - Hire a professional!
Considering all the above challenges you could face, we hope you decide to hire a licensed company that uses certified inspectors, technicians, and has qualified in-house labs, or works with in conjunction with top laboratories. Working with a professional will allow for accountability, proper sampling, and accurate results. This accurate data will enable your team to make informed decisions.

Additionally, our inspectors and technicians are trained to use specialized equipment that properly documents maintenance and adheres to quality control.  Typically, pricing is usually separated into collection and analysis.  Analysis cost is then further dependent on how fast you need your lab results.  We will do our best to provide savings where possible.  On a final note, an expert will give you peace of mind that your testing information is valid and trustworthy, so that loved ones can breathe clean air and live in a safe environment.

For reliable asbestos, mold, air quality testing and inspection services, reach out to GEO Environmental Co., Inc. With over thirty years of experience in environmental testing and consulting in Yorktown Heights, New York, our state-certified specialists render various services while helping you comply with the myriad of regulatory requirements. Our services include asbestos pre-demolition and pre-renovation inspections, asbestos air sampling analysis, asbestos project monitoring, and mold testing and assessments. We also provide infiltration blower door or duct leakage tests, asbestos project design, lead paint inspections, environmental testing, and radon testing for clients. We serve clients across Yorktown Heights, Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, Orange County, and most of Fairfield County.

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