Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring An Asbestos Testing, Inspection, And Consulting Services

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Asbestos was widely used in construction and other industries before the twentieth century because of its strength, durability, and fire resistance. However, over the years, health studies have discovered that asbestos is a hazardous material and can increase risk when inhaled.

Asbestos exposure can cause illnesses, including COPD, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. If a home, office, or other structures contain asbestos, it’s crucial to get rid of this material as soon as possible. The first step should be to confirm the presence of asbestos by calling in a professional to survey, collect samples and have it tested in an accredited asbestos laboratory. Once asbestos is found, they will provide a complete asbestos management plan outlining the most urgent needs for abatement or encapsulation and adherence to both State and Federal building codes.

So if you’re considering a home remodeling or building demolition project and need a reliable asbestos inspection consultancy, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in asbestos testing, inspection, and consulting services.

1. Licensed
Asbestos, mold, or IAQ testing professionals should be from a licensed firm with state-certified individuals. The company should have vast experience and proper testing equipment that is maintained and properly calibrated.

2. Certified lab
Calibrated equipment standard operating procedures are crucial to a competent company. If the company has a licensed laboratory such as GEO Environmental Co., Inc., NYS-DOH routinely inspects the quality and accuracy of the procedures used and results reported. A company without a State or EPA-certified laboratory has no incentive or accountability to provide quality services. Hire confidently by using a company with a lab.

3. Experience
It is important to look for experience before hiring any professional. Many projects require a thorough understanding of regulatory standards and options. Companies that have been servicing the community for many years will be best suited to bring creative problem solving and regulatory interpretation for your use to get your project completed efficiently.

4. Location
Hire a local company that’s been in business for a while. Local companies take pride in servicing their local government, businesses, and their neighbors. They desire to provide quality services at affordable rates, knowing the best way to stay in business is to satisfy customers and get referrals.

5. Availability
Your company should be reachable to answer any questions. Providing helpful information to our neighbors is a priority. Inquiries should be returned in a timely manner, and all clients deserve all the time they need to understand their situation or concerns.

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